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Policy Assurance From LargeandLovely.com

Privacy Policy

Large and Lovely Connections is a privately held company in Nevada. Large and Lovely Connections holds all personal information in the strictest of confidence and privacy.

We shall never sell or divulge ANY information to any outside entity for any reason whatsoever. We do not participate in any other enterprise and/or share our databases with any other enterprise.

We shall use all personal information such as name, address, email, and credit card information entered here for billing and/or internal uses only.

We use a secure-certified website for collecting vital and sensitive data as per our Thawte certificate provided thru our Internet Host company.

Should this policy or any part thereof change, all changes will be conspicuously posted here in this statement and all participants to date who might be impacted by any change will be notified of these changes via email. No information on any participant at this website will be released to any entity, other than legal and lawful due process, without the express consent of the concerned participant.

To the aforementioned, you have our solemn pledge!

Refund Policy

It is the policy of. "Large and Lovely Connections" that we do not issue refunds once any form of payment is received (electronic or manual credit card submission, check or money order) for any services provided by "Large and Lovely Connections", no refunds, reimbursements or credits will be issued for any reason. "Large and Lovely Connections" believes that we provide an honest and vital service to the millions of singles of the world in search of love, dating and romance in a safe, secure environment.

We further believe we provide a completely open and upfront website with access to all our profiles for all to browse and read. We do not have trial periods as this website is a 'what-you-see-is-what-you-get' website, with full descriptions of - Members Only - services such as our Singles Chat Rooms or Singles Links.

We openly encourage Guest and Visitors alike to read as many of our date-a-base profiles, PRIOR TO JOINING, as they wish! We do not "allude to" or "suggest" or "imply" anything. We do not guarantee anything. We say it like it is. We don't believe our users should be surprised about anything except perhaps the day they find their one true special someone!

Toward this end, we believe our Paid Member Subscribers know exactly what they get for exactly what they pay. We do not automatically renew subscriptions nor does "Large and Lovely Connections" rebill any credit card at the end of any subscription period.

We encourage feedback from our Visitors, Guests and Subscribing Members. Since we do not allow juvenile or minors participation, we believe adults who are well informed prior to making a point-of-sale decision, being offered all information possible about this service and offered a means of contact for unanswered questions, do not have the need for a refund.

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